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Detox Continues: March

Remember that one March when I fucked my personal life? Yeah, so do I.

Remember when I just chose to not go for the one I was in love with, and went for a cute Filipina instead? I didn’t have a chance either way.

Remember how I got written out of a concert because I put school first? I might have missed rehearsals, but at least I made deadlines

Remember all the all-nighters I pulled? I do believe it was worth it, though. There’s a little something called an IB Diploma that I have because of them.

Remember the prom I went to at Augusta Prep? I wish I’d kept up with Haley after. That could have been nice.

Remember how I set up Patrick and Alyssa? That ended up interestingly.

Remember the bonfire party? I do. I wish I could have that night again…one more time.

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