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Detox Continues: April/Early May

I thought I had some respite.

She was happy with someone, had been since late March. I was happy for Her

Spring break happened, and started out with a concert, when I temporary fell for someone else. When I wasn’t singing on stage, I was singing right next to Harmony in the back of the audience.

We joked about how I needed to teach her to flirt. She didn’t need lessons. We ate dinner at the Mushroom, sang/ate the Magical Mystery Tour, and talked about nerdy movies, and about how much I didn’t like my best friend’s girlfriend…not as his girlfriend, at least.

Three days later, there was a bonfire at my house. Everybody was falling for everybody…EVERYBODY. I ended up with Harmony…for two, two and a half weeks. I didn’t understand why she ended it, and I was rather sad.

I mean sure, there was Evans prom, which was fun. But it was just fun. That was all.

And then right before Richmond’s prom, she ended it.

I went with Megan, and the dinner was fun, and the beginning of prom was fun. Then I ran into Ashley. And that went the way it went. It was fun for me. it couldn’t have been for Megan though.

And then I think I spent the next few days pining over Ashley, and then getting rejected ish. But it was the end of April. IB stress was in full swing. I think She got dumped toward the end of April. That or early May. It was a bad time for everyone. And then Taylor told me about her feelings for Wood, and how we should’ve gone to prom together, and I was just ridiculously confused.

Then IB exams started. And I really had no idea what the hell I was feeling/thinking emotionally anymore. It was all about the assessments.

I suppose this is the least poetic detox I’ve written. But this wasn’t a poetic time. I mean, I was deep into Harmony. But I’ve talked about that before. This was a time of mistakes, and academic stress. 

At least I talked about it now. At least I can deal with it.

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